University of Oxford | The Global Health Network

University of Oxford | The Global Health Network

Support, system stability and development of a large legacy code base for The Global Health Network (TGHN) at the University of Oxford

Project overview
TGHN, part of University of Oxford partnered with Omni Digital to analyse, consult on, support, and develop a legacy network of over 60 websites and web applications communicating potentially life-saving medical information to the developing world. The network also provides digital certification via an e-learning system, a professional development scheme, and a process flow map, which provides a step-by-step guidance system for planning and implementing successful global health research projects.

Our solution
Omni Digital provided strategic development of a 60 site strong global network funded by the University of Oxford and the Gates Foundation, supporting the sharing of important medical research information as well as e-learning and professional development systems.

We developed a 6-month and 12-month strategic plan to modularise each of these component parts of TGHN’s monolithic legacy system, allowing them to be developed much more efficiently, and in isolation against separate funding pots. This will ensure they are built against modern best practice and then integrated into the system over time.

This future strategy also included the mapping of data flow across multiple systems, the development of a network-wide system search integrated with Google, a single-sign-on iAM (authentication management tool) and a custom content-management tool.