Social Film Drama | Elty

Social Film Drama | Elty

An educational video licensing platform

Project overview
Social Film Drama produces multi award winning training films around difficult subjects such as domestic abuse and were struggling to manage the licencing and distribution of their content across the UK.

Our solution
Omni Digital automated this workflow gthrough the development of a sophisticated web application.

The licence holders, who generally stem from public sector, charities or higher education facilities needed access to the films, together with the supporting training resources in a digital format, so they could safely run training sessions.

We have since built the platform that automates the entire process, replacing what was a considerably manual management burden into an efficient, self managed and automated workflow.

“Elty is the perfect way of automating what was previously a very time consuming manual process. It allows us to manage access to our Domestic Violence themed training films under a yearly license agreement.

Elty has streamlined our workflows and has been invaluable in enabling a wider audience to access our films.”
Product OwnerSocial Film Drama Ltd.