International Media Support | Power BI

Data management and visualisation utilising Power BI

Project overview
The Head of Journalism and Media Viability for International Media Support (IMS) contracted Omni Digital with the aim of analysing their data storage, analysis and visualisation processes. The desired result was to fully evaluate tools on the market and understand how best to visualise data within the organisation in order to improve decision making for the benefit of media partners.

IMS is a non-profit organisation working to strengthen the capacity of the media across the globe. They work specifically within regions where unbiased journalism is at risk with the aim to reduce conflict, strengthen democracy and facilitate dialogue.

The primary goal was to understand and document what data is collected within the organisation. As well as explore how best to analyse and present this data both internally and externally to both clients and funding partners.

“Omni Digital successfully led us through a multi-departmental requirements gathering process. They delivered a though rough and comprehensive follow up report including live tests and recommendations which allowed us to make an informed decision about our next steps.”
Head of Journalism and Media ViabilityIMS

Our solution
Microsoft’s Power BI would provide the best fit solution for IMS. Its ability to combine existing datasets and gain new insights into existing data without adversely affecting existing working practices would provide day-to-day benefits across the organisation as well as external stakeholders.

The first phase of the project was to interview relevant stakeholders throughout the business, with the goal of understanding what data is gathered and how it is used. This helped understanding of its value, audience, potential for insights and additional data connection opportunities between departments. Example datasets were also gathered where possible, which were then analysed and incorporated into a proof-of-concept build.

The second phase was to conduct an analysis of existing datasets, understanding how data is structured, stored and analysed. Data was checked for quality, integrity, resilience and commonality between datasets. Where no existing datasets were available, we created sample datasets which could be used within proof-of-concept builds.

As part of the final phase we implemented a proof-of-concept build in Microsoft Power BI demonstrating how they can be used to analyse the data. The proof of concept demonstrated how data can be stored and managed, as well as highlighting new visualisation opportunities and insights.

Our delivery included a detailed findings report with a set of recommendations related to their data capture and visualisation strategies going forward.

Why choose Omni Digital?
Omni Digital is focused on Tech for Good where an organisation uses technology to take on big social and environmental problems, with the aim of improving communities and lives. The digital work we produce will have no negative impact on the world.

The team has considerable experience working on grant funded digital projects with a global reach, meaning there’s a deep understanding of the importance of providing well managed project stages and clear communication.

If you would like to discuss how we could help you better understand the capture, management and visualisation of your data, please feel free to drop us a line.