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About the role

We’ll need you to be great at the skills required of all good programmers; patience, diligence, and forward-planning, an open and calm approach to logical problem-solving, and the ability to communicate clearly and respectfully in a team.

You’ll be working with Python and Django, developing high quality, well tested, and scalable data-driven web applications. You’ll work on large-scale projects spanning multiple distinct services, delivering robust, fault-tolerant software.

We write tests at every stage of the software development lifecycle, so you’ll need experience with writing and updating useful unit tests.

It’s not expected that you have experience in all of these tools but to give you a flavour of some of the tech we use here day to day here is short list: Sentry for error reporting, Digital Ocean as our cloud provider, Django Rest Framework for API development, PyTest as our Python test runner, Redis for asynchronous tasks and Wagtail as a content management system. We do however expect you to be able to pick up the ability to use new tools through documentation and experimentation.

We work in an Agile methodology, deploying working software at the end of every two-week sprint using Jira to manage the product backlog. Experience with Ansible isn’t necessary, though every member of the design & engineering team is able to deploy our services, and so deployments will be an important aspect of your role.

In a mature company committed to best practice and continuous improvement, your input will be sought in weekly engineering team meetings where we chat about improving our processes and workflows, the technologies we use, and our quality of life as engineers.

You’ll be working in an open-plan office. We value everyone on the team being able to hear and input on discussions, sharing each of our individual skill sets and experience, but we respect people needing to focus on the context of one task at a time; as such you’ll need to have strong interpersonal skills and be a good judge of when to join a conversation and when to get your head down.

We view peer-review as an informative and collaborative process, so you’ll need to be comfortable with constructive criticism and talking through your code.

You’ll be provided with a high-spec Linux laptop and monitor, and an ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

If you have experience in front-end technology this will be a bonus, but is not a requisite for the role. We view design, front-end and back-end as important parts of the same process, and so we encourage cross-discipline discussion and knowledge-sharing. As such you’ll have an opportunity to broaden your skills and experience across the stack.

About Omni Digital

Omni Digital are a Bristol-based team of engineers, designers, project managers, and quality assurance testers with a passion for building custom software applications to solve complex business challenges.

We are dedicated to our vision of creating software with a positive and meaningful impact on the world. To this end we recently became a certified B Corps member, which means we have passed an extensive independent impact assessment judging us against a triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit.

We are currently working on two key projects. One we’re developing for Cardiff University for Google’s DNI fund, based around delivering news to the UK news desks from hyperlocal journalists. The second is the continued development of a large multisite system for a global health organisation that shares life-saving information across the world to low/middle-income countries. We are also dedicated to R&D and are currently developing our own applications, which we will be looking to launch soon and then continuously develop.

With a river on one side, Bristol Marina on the other, and based in a large, historic building a stone’s throw from each, we encourage time away from your screen to enjoy the surroundings, and believe this is truly one of the best locations to work in Bristol.


You will be working 37.5 hours per week, and we’re happy for you to work one day per week from home if you’d like to.

Although this is advertised as full time and we do like people being included in the office environment as much as possible, we also appreciate that some candidates may be looking for a more flexible working arrangement, so please do still get in touch to discuss if this is you.


Commensurate with experience, with an expected target of between 30-45K.

How to apply

To apply, please email your CV to with a covering letter to introduce yourself.