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Omni Digital is looking for a confident Front-end Software Engineer. The start date is flexible but the position is currently open.

The salary will be commensurate with experience, and will be pro-rata. The job offers the opportunity to work from home for one day per week.

About you

You have a solid understanding of the JavaScript language, experience with at least one JavaScript framework, and a pragmatic understanding of best-practice in software development.

Experience in a broad range of front-end tooling is required, while experience working with programming languages other than JavaScript is desirable, but not necessary.

You have an openness to and interest in new technologies, with a practical ‘tools for the job’ approach. While your experience may be primarily within JavaScript software development, you have the ability to be assertive on user-experience decisions across the stack.

You will need to be comfortable working quickly and proficiently with JavaScript and CSS preprocessors; mastery of CSS is not required, but an intermediate grasp of the language is essential. You will also be comfortable working within, and contributing to the evolution of, our frontend guidelines and methodology.

Testing is important to us, and you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of testing principles.

You will be committed to best-practices and be able to work as part of a team, confidently and assertively communicating with other engineers and project managers. A passion for open source technology is essential, and ideally you will have experience in open-sourcing your own code.

Although generally you will not be dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis, we do ask that you are able to talk with clients when necessary.

You’ll also have your own interests that we’d like you to share with the team. Ideas for our days out, new business venture proposals (no matter in what field or industry), improvements to our workflows, new tech talks etc. are all welcome.

About us

We are a mature company of 16 years with an experienced team. We build products, data-driven systems and applications primarily in Python using Django, but utilise other technologies such as JavaScript, Node, Rust and GoLang where appropriate. We believe in the right tools for the job, not one hammer for every problem.

Our current front-end tooling for design and CSS includes Stylus as a preprocessor, our own lightweight framework/methodology, and Gulp as a build tool. We design in the browser and write modern CSS and ES6 for modern browsers.

We are currently engaging in prototyping a variety of projects, and for this we’re trialling Vue, React, Webpack, and Typescript. We do not currently have in production any large JavaScript applications, and as such a major part of this role will involve you having a leading impact on our JavaScript tooling.

Our infrastructure stack consists of modern tooling such as Ansible for the management of server configuration, with some ongoing experiments with Hashicorp Vault, Docker and Terraform. Our servers are primarily Ubuntu version 16, with the intention of upgrading to 18.

Omni takes a non-dogmatic, ‘tools for the job’ approach to all of our application development.

We do primarily service clients, however our approach is to create open-source products that the clients’ work is built upon rather than treating every client project as a new job.

We have two of our own products under development, which we are looking to release to the market very soon. Our aim is to make our products become our primary source of income.

Our clients span public, private and charity sectors, and all expect the very best service from us.

We have produced NLP systems for the recognition of distinct entities, constructed highly concurrent web crawlers and have used machine learning to identify the quotes that journalists take down in interviews.

We are committed to hiring only the best people, and in return we offer a flexible working relationship in a nice office environment, with the usual perks such as regular team away days.

We try not to fall into agency cliches, and we also try and avoid bullsh*t in all our work and our communications. Hence no ‘ninja rockstar developer’ job titles.

Our team is efficient, but small. We take pride in our efficiency but are looking to grow sensibly.

Omni operates on a primarily flat hierarchy; we do not have account managers, business development managers, traffic managers or any of the other trappings of the stereotypical Digital Agency. Decisions around technology are lead by the engineering team.

We are based in one of the most beautiful and historic areas of Bristol: the Underfall Yard. We all enjoy having the opportunity to walk along the water in our breaks and appreciate our surroundings.

Omni is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices, and we’re a certified B Corps member.

The work involved

You will have the opportunity to have a leading influence over the JavaScript elements of our stack.

  • You will work confidently with our back-end engineers and our designer/front-end engineer to produce fast and robust applications for the web.

  • You will responsibly assess and select the neccesary libraries and tools to achieve an application’s goals, writing tests to ensure that these goals are met.

  • You will pick up excess styling work in Stylus, leveraging our minimal framework.

  • You will be working within an Agile team, picking up tasks which may not fit within the remit of your job title, as is the nature of a small team.


You will be working 37.5 hours per week.


Compensation will be commensurate with your experience.

How to apply

To apply, please email jobs@omni-digital.co.uk with a one page C.V.

If you are a recruitment agency and get in touch about this job you will be charged a day’s worth of consultancy time (our minimum billable amount for recruitment agencies).