Omni Digital is looking for a capable Project Manager to direct and manage a small engineering team specialising in data-driven software development. The start date is flexible and the position is currently open for applicants.

The salary will be commensurate with experience, and will be pro-rata.

About you

You will need to be able to work quickly and proficiently within the digital space as an agile project manager.

A passion for technology is a must, with practical knowledge of software development being desirable but not necessary. You will be supported by a great team of front and back-end engineers.

You will always be improving and automating your workflows to help improve the efficiency of both yourself and the engineering team. We are looking for somebody who wants to be on the frontline of modern software development management and wants to improve the processes by which these projects are run.

You will have experience working within an agile environment with an interest in expanding your knowledge.

You will be keen to develop a working knowledge of the tools used by the team in order to participate in discussions of project direction and deliverables.

You will be expected to engage with product owners and business stakeholders, both internally and in the companies we work with, in order to understand business needs and identify appropriate solutions.

You will work as a part of the team to plan and review sprints, coordinate the teams and keep both clients and directors informed of progress.

You will have excellent organisational and leadership skills, with a talent for communicating complex requirements on a broad range of subjects. You will be able to effectively communicate these requirements both verbally and in written form.

You will have an awareness of, and experience in, managing project budgets against time spent.

About us

We are a mature company of 18 years with an experienced team. We build products, data-driven systems and applications primarily in Python using Django, but utilise other technologies such as JavaScript, Node, Wagtail, Rust and GoLang where appropriate. Omni takes a non-dogmatic, ‘tools-for-the-job’ approach to all of our application development.

We do primarily service clients, however our approach is to create open-source products that the clients’ work is built upon rather than treating every client project as a new job.

We have two of our own products under development, which we are looking to release to the market very soon.

Our clients span public, private and charity sectors, and all expect the very best service from us.

We have produced NLP systems for the recognition of distinct entities, constructed highly concurrent web crawlers and have used machine learning.

We are committed to hiring only the best people, and in return we offer a flexible working relationship in a nice office environment, with the usual perks such as regular team away days, glasses allowance etc.

We try not to fall into agency clichés, and we also try and avoid bullsh*t in all our work and our communications.

Our team is efficient, but small. We take pride in our efficiency but are looking to grow sensibly.

Omni operates on a primarily flat hierarchy; we do not have account managers, business development managers, traffic managers or any of the other trappings of the stereotypical Digital Agency. Decisions around technology are lead by the engineering team.

We are based in one of the most beautiful and historic areas of Bristol: the Underfall Yard. We all enjoy having the opportunity to walk along the water in our breaks and appreciate our surroundings.

Omni is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices and is a certified B Corps member.

The work involved

Management of the entire agile project process including, but not limited to:

  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint reviews
  • Client liaison, including site visits
  • Project planning
  • Project delivery
  • Additional responsibilities include:
  • Creation of time log reports to be billed to clients
  • Creation of well-written documents to be submitted to clients
  • Liaison with our points of contact within our client businesses
  • Risk management to ensure smooth delivery of projects within budget


You will be working 37.5 hours per week.


Compensation will be commensurate with your experience, between £29,000 and £39,000 per year.

How to apply

To apply, please email jobs@omni-digital.co.uk with a one-page C.V.

We are not interested in working with recruitment companies. Please do not contact us as it will be a waste of your time.