Company History

From a humble beginning to a new model digital agency

Founded in 2002 - our company started out as a mixed-media-creative agency with an understanding of digital, video, print and sound. We were soon winning awards for hard-hitting dramas and gaining notoriety for producing great-quality websites and applications. 

In the early days, Omni would work with talented developers in whichever technology the client required. After a look around the marketplace, the company settled on producing systems and sites in (primarily) Python and Django.

During these early years Omni regularly doubled in size and eventually there was a need for much larger premises. They settled on an old brick factory near the town centre, and cemented their position in Bristol as a leading media agency. Oh, they also got a giant hydraulic gaming chair, some fake grass, an office dog and every other media cliche going!

Roll on a few years, and the market changed; mixed-media agencies became far more common, and the Digital Marketing/One-Stop-Shop/360 Degree/Integrated do-it-all agency model was very much in vogue. The company therefore decided to re-brand and re-position itself by splitting out into its conceptual parts; Omni Digital, Omni Productions, Omni Creative, and Omni Motion Graphics under the parent group company of Omnifarious Ltd

Company History brand

Omni Digital continued to grow, producing systems for the NHS and other organisations within the healthcare, leisure, technology and commercial consumer industries. The company naturally then started to focus on developing the niche it had grown a reputation for: super-sturdy software, with beautiful, fast, and accessible front-ends. High performance and high scalability.

Or current work is focussed on creating more modular and scalable software over ostensibly bespoke, but ultimately more wasteful products. This latter thrust of the business has culminated in the development SAAS products which we aim to launch soon, and over the coming years, open-sourcing large amounts of the agency’s work.

Omni Digital are now based in the beautiful Underfall Yard on the Bristol Marina. 

Our commitment to quality and focus on producing great websites and systems is stronger than ever. The company is venturing into the opportunites presented by big data.

How we work